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  This icon means that the photo gallery/website optimized mage resolution is probably not high enough to print good quality printed images directly from the web. Contact with the filename of the picture you are interested in for a high resolution image to be emailed to you. Printed copies may be available by request (cost of printing covered, please).

FYI: In most galleries starting with the 2006-2007 school year -  the photographer is identified by the first 3-4 initials of the filename of each picture. (BDJ = Belinda Johnson, PENN = Valerie or Jim Pennington, RAFF = Don Raffurty, LONG = Bobbie Long, etc.) However, if the filename starts with DSC - that is the default filename from the camera, and I may or may not have properly credited the individual photographer somewhere within that gallery. As time permits - I MAY go back and revise those filenames.

Do you have pictures to share? Provide a CD with the images to Mr. Hansen, or email individual pictures to Belinda at  for addition to the Photo Gallery. A CD of full resolution original images will give best results.

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