Odessa Middle School Band Program

Odessa Middle School
Ken Hansen, Director of Bands

607 South Fifth Street, Odessa, MO  64076

News & Notes for the Middle School rev 10/25/2006

Instrument Step-Up Night
On October 30, 2006 Meyer Music will once again be coming to the Odessa Middle School band room for the instrument step-up night. The program is designed to offer better quality instruments for your son or daughter. The instrument step-up night will take place Monday October 30 from 5:30-7:00 pm. Read more...

Middle School Fall Band Concert
The Middle School Fall Band Concert will be Tuesday November 7, 2006. The concert will begin at 7:00 pm in the Middle School Gym. The concert this year will feature only the Middle School Bands.  Read more....

Middle School Winter Guard Tryouts
October 23-26

6th Grade Band

The sixth grade band meets everyday for 44 minutes. The band meets in either the woodwind class or the brass/percussion class. Each class meets for the full 44 minutes. The brass and percussion are taught in different locations to help the students meet their full potential. The sixth graders can choose to begin on flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and they may audition for percussion.

7th Grade Band

The seventh grade band also meets everyday for 44 minutes. The band is put together for the entire class period. Tone quality, fundamentals, and balance are the primary focus for the seventh grade band. The seventh grade performs in 3 concerts each year.

8th Grade Band "Mini" BOD

The 8th Grade band meets 44 Min. everyday. It meets as a full ensemble with emphasis on balance and blend of the band. Through the August, September and October months the band learns basic marching fundamentals and performs at Carrolton Band Day, Odessa Marching Invitational and the OHS Homecoming Parade. Read more about the 8th Grade program here...

8th Grade Band

8the Grade "Mini" Band of Distinction

7th Grade Band (05-06)

6th Grade Band (05-06)


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