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On Saturday, October 7th, the Band of Distinction performed at the Blue Spring Marching Invitational. The band moved up from the usual 4A competition and competed in the 6A division with bands from schools more than twice their size. The band received 4th place in the preliminary competition (4th in 6A and overall), earned best color guard and tied for best effect in the class. The 6A Preliminary competition went as follows:

88.70 Bellevue West (NE)
87.70 Lafayette
86.03 Belleville East (Ill)
85.65 Odessa
85.55 Jefferson City
85.45 Francis Howell North
82.70 Parkway South
81.30 Lincoln East (NE)
80.05 Lee's Summit North
79.30 Fort Zumwalt South
78.25 Blue Springs South

Music - Bellevue West
Visual - Bellevue West
Effect - Odessa & Bellevue West
Percussion - Jefferson City
Auxiliary - Odessa

Students and fans alike were very enthusiastic about the performance. The band earned a spot in the top 6 of 12 bands for the finals competition based on their prelim score. The band performed well in the finals later that evening earning 5th place overall and won outstanding color guard in the finals. Here are the Finals Results:

88.80 Bellevue West (NE)
88.35 Lafayette
87.30 Jefferson City
86.65 Belleville East (Ill)
83.20 Odessa
83.10 Francis Howell North
80.30 Fort Zumwalt North
80.25 Blue Valley (KS)
79.25 Parkway South
78.75 Lebanon
76.60 Lincoln East (NE)
75.95 Warrensburg

Music - Lafayette
Visual - Bellevue West
Effect - Bellevue West
Percussion - Jefferson City
Auxiliary - Odessa

The students represented the community in an outstanding manner. Odessa has never competed in a class with so many large schools and outstanding bands as they did this past Saturday. Before this year Odessa had performed in the finals at Blue Springs on two occasions. The band earned their finals placement by winning the morning division (2A – 4A Schools). Both times Odessa finished 2nd to last in the finals. Over the last few years the Blue Springs Invitational has become one of the finest showcases for the best bands in the Mid-West area. The Odessa band is very proud of their accomplishments due to the fantastic list of bands that were represented at the Blue Springs Invitational.

The Band of Distinction decides its success based on their own performance, and not how they compare to someone else. The Band’s success does not always translate into trophies, but into feelings and memories that last a lifetime. The fact that Odessa High School can compete with schools of more than double their school size is a testament to the hard work, talent and commitment of 120 remarkable students. These are 120 students that any teacher would be proud to work with.

The band would like to apologize for not performing their show at the football game Friday night. Due to the homecoming coronation and the set-up and tear down time the band couldn’t perform their show without penalizing the football team. The support of the crowd was amazing. It is the enthusiasm of the crowd that helps pull out the best performances from the students each half-time.

You can see the band perform this weekend at the Judges Association of Mid-America (JAMA) Regional Band Championship. The band will perform at 2:30. Please visit www.odessabands.com  for up to the date information, pictures and video of the Band of Distinction.

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